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About Me

I am a mother, a lawyer, and an owner of multiple businesses.   I intentionally put my role as a mother first, because that is how I prioritize my life and wide array of responsibilities.  Ultimately this is why I am running for Altoona School Board: I want my kids to have a world-class, high quality education in the public school system.  

I have two kids in the Altoona school system: Grant is 11, he's in 6th grade at Altoona Middle School.  He's a STEM kid to the core, and excels in math and the sciences.  He has wanted to be a robot builder since kindergarten.  Rowan is 9, he's in 3rd grade at Altoona Elementary School.  He is the type of kid that excels in every subject, but really enjoys anything having to do with the military and military history.  He knows more about the battles of World War II than many adults.  

I am a divorce lawyer, practicing at my law firm Otto & Steiner Law, SC in Eau Claire.  I founded that business from my house when Grant was two months old and have grown it to the almost seven figure business it is today.  I recently founded Divorce in a Day, which is a popular mediation service in my law firm that I am expanding into a marketing and consulting company to train other law firms in the model so more people can be served. 


I don't tell you this to brag.  I tell you this because I look forward to using this real-world experience to help provide leadership and direction on the Altoona School Board.  Thank you for your trust.

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